5 Myths About Authentic Witches

Numerous individuals have vague suggestions of what authentic witches are, generally formed by childrens stories or by the faith that they realized whilst increasing up. To compound the problem, quite a few individuals will simply astral projection lucid dreaming parrot the information and facts theyve heard or assumed as reality - so when you are exploring the idea of witchcraft, you will come across quite a few of these myths and misleading "details". Here are a handful of of the most well known myths about witches, debunked.

Myth #one: Authentic witches are Wiccan

Witchcraft and Wicca are two totally separate issues. Saying that they are the identical is akin to saying that artists and christians are the identical. Witchcraft is a craft or ability, just as cooking is a craft or ability. It can be realized and practiced by anybody who can stick to directions and focus on what theyre undertaking. Wicca is a religion, constructed in the 1950s by a man named Gerald Gardner. Some Wiccans are witches, but not all witches are Wiccans.

Myth #2: Authentic witches worship satan, and "pagan" suggests "satanist"

Witches do not believe in Satan. Satan himself is a construct of the Christian faith, as a counterpart to the religions God. For that reason, to put it pretty simply, to believe in Satan you very first have to believe in God, which demands you to be a Christian.

Also, pagan comes from the Latin word "paganus", which means villager, or someone who lived out of the city as a rural peasant. As the Christian faith spread, the outlying towns have been often holdovers of polytheistic faiths, and as such those far-flung villagers have been at very first rightly identified as pagans (villagers, out of the city). However, the term morphed from that rightful which means into a which means of "not believing in God", as the unconverted did not. Today it has come to imply a particular person who does not believe in a monotheistic (a single god) religion.

Myth #3: The pentagram is the symbol of Satan

The pentagram can be found dating back astral projection band as far as 3,000 BC in Mesopotamian writings, having an astrological which means it represented the 5 planets Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, and Venus. Considering that then it has appeared in quite a few distinct cultures and represented quite a few groups, which includes having a sacred which means for Christians.

- In Judaism it is the Seal of Solomon.

- In Taoism it symbolises the 5 elements wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.

- In Mormonism the pentagram seems inverted in quite a few Temples

- In Christianity the pentagram represents the 5 senses, and at times the 5 wounds of Christ. In medieval occasions Christians actually wore pentagrams in the belief that it would defend them from demons.

- Each Ethiopia and Morocco have pentagrams on their countrys flag.

- Satanism makes use of the pentagram inverted, or pointing down, to symbolize pointing in direction of Hell, with the two upward factors representing the devils horns.

- In Witchcraft, the pentagram factors up in direction of the heavens, and the factors represent earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. There are quite a few distinct sorts of authentic witches, however, and Reconstructionist witches do not understand or use the pentagram at all.

Myth #4: All authentic witches are female

Each males and gals can practice witchcraft, and each may possibly refer to themselves as "witches". Some modern day-day males refer to themselves as "wizards" in an try to denote masculinity, and authors usually use the term "wizard" to denote a male witch. In Outdated English, "wicca" (wik-ka) meant "male wizard or sorcerer" and "wicce" (witch-ee) meant "female witch or sorceress".

Myth #5: The persecution of authentic witches is in excess of

Unfortunately this isnt correct. Whilst we no longer have public hangings, crushings, burnings, or quarterings of witches right here in the United States, that does not imply that they are not persecuted. Some witches nonetheless come across that if they reveal their beliefs, some individuals will shun them and their families. Numerous come across that after their beliefs are found out, their employer will fire them. Outspoken witch authors each offline and on line acquire extremely nasty "hate" mail, comments on their websites, and slandering of their names and reputations. There are quite a few distinct sorts of persecution, not just killings.

However even nowadays individuals are nonetheless staying tried, convicted, and sentenced to death as witches. In quite a few nations, witchcraft is viewed as a criminal offense, and those accused of it can suffer jailtime and hefty legal costs. In July of 2010 Unicef published a paper titled "Small children Accused of Witchcraft" detailing the growing tragedy of little ones staying accused of witchcraft and staying cast out of their properties, tortured, abused, and even killed all across Africa. Its not just little ones staying persecuted in Africa, however accusations of witchcraft created against grownups is extremely popular and even resulted in the burnings of eleven individuals in Kenya in 2008. In November of 2009, a Lebanese Tv anchor was charged with witchcraft and sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia. In October of 2009, 5 widows in India have been filmed staying forced to strip naked, be beaten as they have been paraded by means of the streets, and even staying forced to eat human excrement - all because a local cleric accused them of staying witches. In accordance to the BBC, widows are often targeted in an try to seize their land and possessions.

Try to remember when undertaking your study to check out as quite a few assets as achievable, and when you run across a thing that appears a tiny far-fetched, its extremely probably its a myth. Appear up credible sources of information and facts and weigh out all of the differing viewpoints thoroughly. Blessed Be!

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