Stratastones Pebble Tile Review

StrataStones pebble tiles tend to be uniquely hand-crafted using organic pebble as well as flat stones in the beautiful island associated with Bali throughout Indonesia. Each Along With Every pebble tile consists of approximately sixty hand picked stones bonded to a sturdy mesh backing. Since we use real natural stones, each pebble tile weighs among 4 and 5 pounds. Each mosaic pebble tile fits the subsequent as cleanly as a jig-saw puzzle... the principal difference getting in which each single pebble tile fits snugly and uniformly to every other tile upon any one of its 4 attributes developing a completely seamless, hand laid appearance. the video under provides an concept of how this works, however, you truly have to start to see the real pebble tiles to completely appreciate the particular special aspects in our products. We offer our pebble tile & stone flooring goods towards the public in wholesale rates in zero way prior to matched online!

Beautiful, Organic stone from the Island of Bali, firmly bonded to a sturdy wire mesh backing.
"Easy stone flooring" Do-it-yourself installation! Anyone merely lay the particular pebble tiles next in order to each other plus they inter-lock, creating a totally seamless, hand-crafted mosaic appearance.

"Bring the Outside-Inside" These kind of pebble tiles are usually made for each interior and exterior applications. Our all-natural stones come in many shapes and also colors to match the particular decor involving your home as well as office.
We are happy to announce the actual supplement in our exclusive Moon series mosaic tiles to our currently massive selection of all-natural stone tile. Just like all our some other items these tiles are generally created from organic stones attached to the sturdy mesh backing. the Moon series diy bathroom design mosaic stones tend to be hand rounded towards the special look that the factor is below.

Matt Muenster may be the actual host regarding the the majority of popular DIY Network exhibits Bathtastic and contains utilizes our pebble tile in the couple of various episodes. (See the whole TV Appearances & Videos)
Now Matt will be operating upon a brand name new demonstrate regarding DIY referred to as Bath Crashers and is actually also going to become utilizing StrataStones pebble tile YET AGAIN to generate an attractive bathroom remodel.

Matt utilized our Flores Green Pebble Tile for you to create a club out of an ordinary bathroom. Your pebble tile is quite comfy about bare feet and offers an excellent, therapeutic massage just like feel every time you tend to be taking a new shower!
Pebble Tile from StrataStones

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